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About us

DR/ Mohamed abdelfatah

62 Mohi eldin abo elez - dokki -        appoinment :01143736361

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               IVF EGYPT


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Sun. : from 1 - 5  pm

Wens.  :  from 1 - 5  pm

                                      IVF EGYPT                                   


    Egyptian IVF Center 

     Advanced Fertility & Infertility Treatments


IVF Egypt  is a  leading fertility center for families in EGYPT and 

Our facilities are staffed with top infertility specialists, and we have perfect quality lab, providing ovulation induction, intrauterine insemination (IUI), in vitro fertilization (IVF),and preimplantation genetic screening (PGD, PGS).

Did you know?

  • Fertility declines as women approach age 30


  • About 10% of women lose their fertility sooner than expected


  • About 1 in 20 men have male factor infertility


  • Factors causing infertility - 40% male, 40% female, and 20% combination

The Fertility Tests

  • A semen analysis is the main male fertility test available and evaluates a man’s sperm to discover causes of male infertility.


  • An AMH blood test (Anti-Mullerian Hormone) uses a blood sample to measure the hormone substance produced by cells in the ovarian follicles. The blood levels will attempt to measure the remaining female egg supply. With increasing female age, the size of her pool decreases along with AMH levels.


  • An antral follicle count exam is a simple test using high quality ultrasound equipment. It allows us to evaluate a woman's supply of eggs for the future. Tests of ovarian reserve do not measure the quality of the eggs, only quantity.


At IVF Egypt, we don't just provide innovative fertility treatments and cutting-edge embryo science. 

We diagnose. We instill hope. We offer advice, experience, and a proven track record of success for infertility patients. We lend a shoulder to lean on when you need it most. And so much more.

we were founded on the philosophy that comprehensive care is essential to successful fertility outcomes. Access to your clinical team matters. Support and guidance matters. Laboratory and IVF science matters. Arriving at a swift and proper diagnosis, especially during complicated cases, matters. Because for many, time is of the essence. 

Individually and collectively, our fertility experts and team members weave each of these key components into your daily care. 

We believe that no two patients are alike and that many factors affect an individual or couple’s decisions regarding treatment. Our priority is to assess your needs accurately and to apply effective services that work best for you. 

IVF Egypt
Egyptian Fertility center


Patient Education Comes First

We provide counseling and extensive educational materials to ensure that you can undergo and complete your treatment with the highest level of confidence. You'll be provided with our easy-to-follow treatment schedule calendars, guidelines on the timing and administration of medication, and lists of side effects you may encounter, amongst many other valuable details. Please visit our Patient Education page to learn more about the comprehensive education programs available at IVF EGYPT Fertility center.

Food For Fertility

If you’re in need of fertility care or think , find out how the fertility
specialists of IVF EGYPT  Fertility center can help build the family you've always wanted.


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